Here’s where I’ll put activities for you to do. You’ll find pages you can download; writing tips and exercises; and fun facts.



  1. Read, read, read and then read some more. Think about the sort of book you want to write eg. picture book, early chapter books, a novel and read lots of those. Do you want to write a fantasy story – read fantasy stories. Or maybe a mystery – read mystery stories. If you read what you want to write, you will learn how to structure your story, what your characters could look like, how to build a different world. It’s lots of fun.
  2. Don’t expect that what you write will be perfect the first time. It’s what’s called a draft in the writing world. Be prepared to do lots of re-writing. That’s what will make your story great.
  3. Keep a notebook and pen handy. Ideas can pop out of no where and you don’t want to forget them. You might not use that idea for a long time, but at least it will be there waiting for you.
  4. Observe the things around you- what does that tree look like? How is that group of kids interacting? What do think that town looked like 100 years ago?
  5. Use the senses in your writing. What can your characters – See? Smell? Taste? What does that object feel like?



  1. There are around 440 species of sharks in the world. About 170 species live in Australian waters – including the world’s largest shark, the whale shark; one of the world’s smallest sharks, the pygmy shark; and one of the scariest sharks, the great white shark.
  2. Shark skin is rough like sandpaper.
  3. Most sharks are carnivorous and will eat things like dolphins, seals and large fish like tuna and mackeral. Some sharks, including the whale shark prefer to eat plankton rather than meat. The hammerhead shark is fussy and would prefer to only rays, while the tiger shark prefers turtle. Some sharks aren’t fussy at all and will eat the rubbish humans put in the water. I’m sure that’s not good for them!
  4. Some sharks lay eggs, while others give birth to live babies – depending on the species, up to 100 at a time. That’s a lot of brothers and sisters.
  5. Baby sharks are called pups.